Mad Hops Beer Infusion

These are going to be your most profitable taps

Mad Hops infuses a keg of everyday domestic light beer with all-natural flavors and genuine craft beer ingredients like hops, malts and bittering.  It completely changes the color, aroma and taste of a beer, but only adds 5 calories.

 The added cost to bar owners is less than 50 cents a beer. Price it a dollar or two above a domestic light beer and your margins will go up dramatically. It’s also less filling, tastes great and has less alcohol than traditional craft beers. Your customers will order more beers and maybe some food too.



How It Works


To swap out one of your worst performing craft beers with Mad Hops, just attach a Mad Hops Keg Infuser to the CO2 line, put in a keg of domestic light beer, turn on the gas and the keg is infused about a minute.

Your $50 deposit will be returned after you order 6 Jugs of one Mad Hops flavor.




Add your own logo

The product is called Mad Hops, but you can call it whatever you want.  The world’s first 100-calorie IPA, or your own house-branded Pale Ale, sour or fruit-flavored beer.  

Show off your own brand of light craft beer with these stylish Mad Hops Tap Handles customized with your logo.

Your $25 deposit will be returned after the purchase of 6 Jugs of one flavor.


It’s a win-win!

Because it’s less expensive than craft beer, you’re going to sell more of it. Remember – it’s not just how much profit you make per glass, but how much money you pour out of each tap every month. 

It’s a fun product with lots of potential for promotions.

Mad Hops a win-win for you and your customers. Light Craft Beer is the next big thing in beer. Join us and win!


Mad Hops comes in 10 varieties

Four Craft Flavors:

Four Fruit Flavors:

Two Sours: