Presto! Craft Seltzer – the easy way to offer custom hard seltzers on Tap! 

Looking for something new on draft?

  •  Turn plain water into a unique house-branded craft seltzer!
  • Offer as a CBD Seltzer or a spirit-based Hard Seltzer
  • More profitable for you, more interesting for your customers

Four flavors made from all natural ingredients:
– Strawberry-Jalapeno
– Berry-Basil
– Pineapple Coconut
– Lime Cilantro

Complete turn-key solution. Easy to install and use. 

Hemp & Hops Single-Serve CBD shots – Get your dose without sacrificing flavor!

Get in on the CBD craze!

  • Customers infuse their own drinks 
  • Mask CBD’s off-putting flavor
  • Blends completely in any liquid

Hemp & Hops is a unique product that your customers use to infuse their drink with CBD. Each convenient, single-serve package contains 10 mg of quality, full spectrum CBD – a 12-hour dose.  

Our hop aroma fractions make the CBD flavor undetectable. Works great in craft beer, fine wine and cocktails, coffee, smoothies and sodas. $5 MSRP. Launch Kit generates $600 in added revenue

we provide you with our patent-pending Keg Infuser system, craft-flavor concentrates and an empty single-use keg. add water and put it under CO2 pressure and it turns into CRAFT SELTZER you can serve right from your tap!

it’s a great tasting non-alcoholic seltzer, a unique CBD seltzer (with Hemp & Hops) or add an ounce of spirits to make a custom hard seltzer that matches your theme, like Strawberry Jalapeno Tequila Seltzer, or Pina Colada Rum Seltzer.

Serve well spirits at happy hour and upsell at primetime with premium spirits!