Introducing a New Product  for your Bar or restaurant:
Single-Serve CBD!

Get in on the CBD craze!

  • Customers infuse their own drinks 
  • Mask CBD’s off-putting flavor
  • Blends completely in any liquid

Hemp & Hops is a unique product that your customers use to infuse their drink with CBD. Each convenient, single-serve package contains 10 mg of quality, full spectrum CBD – a 12-hour dose.  

Our hop aroma fractions make the CBD flavor undetectable. Works great in craft beer, fine wine and cocktails, coffee, smoothies and sodas. $5 MSRP. Two-jar order generates $300 in added revenue

Keg Infusion – Double your monthly profit per tap With Your Own Line of Light Craft Beers

Looking for something new on draft?

  • House-Branded light craft beer
  • Less expensive for your customers
  • More profitable for you

With our patent-pending Keg Infuser system, you can transform a keg of domestic light beer into one of our many craft beer flavors, with less alcohol and dramatically fewer calories than craft beer.

Made from genuine beer ingredients like hop oils, bittering, and malts, Mad Hops elevates the base flavor of a beer, then adds fruit and other natural flavorings.



Switch out a poor performing Draft with Mad Hops-infused light beer

  • Increase your margins on domestic brands

  • triple your keg velocity over craft


Your patrons will like it

It’s full of flavor but less filling, with fewer calories and a lower price than traditional craft beers.


You’ll like it 

Your customers will drink more and won’t switch to water after one or two beers like a lot of craft beer drinkers. They may order more food too!


Upsell your domestic beer customers to a more flavorful brew!

       1. Attach the Mad Hops Infuser to your keg

       2. open the valve

       3. you’ll be in business in minutes!