Keg Infusion FAQs

How do I Install the Keg Infuser?

First, installation instructions are on all 12-oz bottles of Mad Hops. The initial install is simple:
– When your old keg is empty, turn off the CO2 line.
– Unscrew the CO2 line from the Keg Coupler and screw it into the Keg Infuser
– Screw the Keg Infuser hose into the Keg Coupler and hang on the side of the keg.
– Uncap the bottle of Mad Hops and insert it into the Keg Infuser.
– Turn the CO2 line on and draw 12-24 oz of beer to allow the concentrate to enter the keg.
– Wat 1-2 minutes and your keg is now infused!

What beer should I use?

Any domestic light beer will work. Choose the lowest cost keg from your normal light beer supplier and you’re good to go!

How do I keep the Keg Infuser device clean?

Clean the Keg Infuser on the same schedule you clean your beer lines. Even when you switch flavors the residual in the Keg Infuser will not affect the new keg flavor.

What flavors do you provide?

10 different flavors that fall into 3 different categories:
Craft Flavors: NW IPA, American Pale Ale, Cherry Wheat, Irish Porter
Fruit Flavors: Apple Amber, Belgian Orange, Wild Blueberry, Lime Shandy
Sours: Lambic and Raspberry (Frambois)

Do I need a unique Tap Handle?

Yes, it is against the law to use the tap handle of the beer you are infusing. Mad Hops provides a generic tap handle to get you started and will make a custom handle for you with your logo on it when you purchase 10 bottles of Mad Hops!

I have Long Tap Lines, will this still work?

Sure, the only difference will be it will require you to infuse the keg and then pull enough unflavored beer that is resting in the tap line before the infused beer can be served.

Hemp & Hops CBD Shots FAQ

What price do I charge my customers?

We recommend $5 per dose but encourage you to do bar specials at happy hour and last call!

How can I promote this in my bar?

We provide a variety of table talkers you can put on every table in your bar. Some are tri-fold stand-alone, others are laid out to fit in your current table displays. You get to pick. Plus you can’t go wrong promoting it on you chalk board if you have one!

Is selling CBD in a bar legal?

We get this question all the time. The critical difference for Hemp & Hops is it is retail packaged, just like all the products sold in CBD stores and drug stores. You sell the CBD to your customer and THEY infuse their drink with CBD.

What dose of CBD is in it and how do we know it’s good?

Each vial of CBD has 10 mg of full spectrum, water soluble, flavorless CBD. That’s a 12-hour dose. On the back of the insert card is a link to the 3rd party quality test to prove it has the real stuff in it.

What drinks does it work in?

Our shots work in virtually every beer, wine, spirit drink as well as sodas, coffee, even water.

Does the CBD have a Shelf Life?

By law we quote 2 years but testing has shown our product to be shelf stable for twice that amount of time.