Apple Amber


Refreshing and sweet upgrade with smooth hops overtones. Like a hard cider!

Turn a $3 draft into a $5 draft with Mad Hops. This 12-oz. jug of Mad Hops flavors a half keg of light beer. That’s 15.5 gallons of beer, or 124 16 oz. glasses.

Remember, this product can only be used with a Mad Hops Keg Infuser.

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Made from genuine beer ingredients like hop oils, bittering, and malts, Mad Hops elevates the base flavor of a beer, then adds fruit and other natural flavorings. Attach the Mad Hops Infuser to your keg, open the valve and you’ll be in business in minutes.

Order 10 or more jugs, get 10% off your order.

Each Flavor Jug comes with a custom sticker to place on the Tap Handle.

Get a Mad Hops Keg Infuser here ($50 deposit required).

Get a Mad Hops Tap Handle here ($25 deposit required).


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