Doing our thing at the Saratoga Springs Craft Beer Festival! Looks like we’re using Rolling Rock!

In upstate NY we celebrate summer with a great sense of urgency; there’s only a small window for us after fighting off a long winter. Spring ends late and fall comes early, but while it lasts there’s no place better to enjoy summer than right here.

June, July and August is outdoor festival season and Mad Hops is looking forward to attending any event where beer is flowing. We’ll be going to a lot of craft beer festivals and can’t wait to try the newest creations from upstate’s thriving microbrewery scene. We get the strangest looks at these events when festival goers and vendors see us carry in 30-packs of PBR and Keystone Ice!

Doing our thing at the Saratoga Springs Craft Beer Festival! Looks like we’re using Rolling Rock!

Our booth is always the talk of the festival, because our product is so new. We love beer people, and beer people love free beer, so it’s a match made in heaven. Everyone loves Mad Hops (except for the occasional beer snob).

We are particularly popular among people who drink the big American brands like Bud and Miller – classic pale American lagers. These folks know about craft beer but don’t drink it regularly. This summer we’re branching out beyond craft beer festivals to other events where future Mad Hops fans are gathered to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Here are some we’re going to in the next ten days:

       The Honey Dripper Festival at a maple and honey farm in Victor NY. Celebrating local foods and beverages, live music. Saturday June 18, noon to 6 pm.

       FLCC Charity Golf Tournament at Ravenswood Country Club, Victor NY to help raise money for the Finger Lakes Community College foundation and other local charities. Monday June 19, 5 to 8 pm.

       Savor Rochester in Rochester, NY Tuesday, June 20, 6 to 10 pm. Mad Hops will be giving out samples at the Jazz Festival tent with proceeds benefitting women’s health and pediatric services.

       Buffalo Brewers Festival in the Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY. Saturday June 24, 3 to 7 PM.  

We have a couple already planned for July:

       Bass Masters Fishing Tournament, Waddington, NY. July 20 to 23rd. All day long! They expect 30,000 happy beer drinkers.

       10th Annual Brew at the Zoo, Watertown NY, 2 to 5pm and 6 to 9 pm.

Many more to come! We are adding events all the time, usually 3-4 weeks out so we can best allocate our team.

The full frontal Mad Hops tent earlier this year at a food truck rally in Baltimore….we get around!

We are looking for more events to attend, so please email me with your ideas. We are interested in car races, concerts, and festivals of all types. Our goal is to crisscross the state and introduce Mad Hops to as many people as humanly possible.

We are also using our travels to introduce Mad Hops into retail establishments. We want Mad Hops to be on the shelves anywhere inexpensive beer is sold. To date, we are in more than 40 stores in NYS and the number is growing every week. Today New York, tomorrow the world!

Go Mad Hops!