Hi again! Orendael here, Mad Hops Campus Champion for Cortland State in New York. Recently I had a chance to attend another local beer event as a Mad Hops representative. It’s one of the perks of being a Campus Champion.

The event was the Man Show in Syracuse, just under an hour from my school. Unlike other shows I had worked, this was not strictly a beer event. There was an arm wrestling tournament, and vendors selling motorcycles, ATVs, fishing gear and other things that appeal to men.

Of course men love beer too, so it was a lot of fun interacting with them, explaining what Mad Hops does and watching them try it out. I met a ton of people, including professional women arm wrestlers, which was a first. Turns out they love Mad Hops just as much as men do! (And they absolutely cream Peter at arm wrestling!)

I also got to wander around the show a bit, see what other vendors were there and try a few free samples. I have to say, not a bad way to spend a Saturday at work! If you like meeting new people, having new experiences and learning about marketing, you should consider being a Campus Champion.

The Quest for a Low-Calorie IPA

Another first: I co-starred in a commercial for Mad Hops! We’re planning to run a crowd-funding campaign with the goal of creating an IPA-flavored beer with under 100 calories. Great for athletes like those awesome woman arm wrestlers, or anyone who is watching their calories.

A squirt of Mad Hops can already turn a regular beer into a Pale Ale or Irish Porter, so why not try for an IPA flavor? We’re not saying it turns Bud Light into a craft beer, but the hops, malts and bitters in Mad Hops do add depth and complexity to a light beer, while only adding 5 calories. (Most craft beers have over 200 calories).

We’re going to ask our crowd funding participants to help us choose what kind of IPA to imitate, and then taste-test our product as it goes through the development process. So stay tuned!

Mad Hops: Coming Soon to a Convenience Store Near You!

We just got Mad Hops into one of the local gas station mini-marts in Cortland, so I’m planning on doing a few tastings there soon and getting people to try it out! With the weather getting better I’m also bringing MadHops to day drinks around campus and encouraging people to try it to help spread the word.

Mad Hops has been a big hit wherever I’ve brought it so far and I’m excited that it’s now readily available in gas stations too! We also just recruited a friend of mine to take over as Campus Champion at my college next year. The Instagram @madhops.cortland is gaining followers, the name is starting to spread around campus, and I think that next year people will know about Mad Hops and selling and profiting from the product will be easy!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @madhops.cortland to see where I bring the product around campus and pictures of people from my college loving it! Any questions on how to become a Campus Champion or how to plan an event, just email me at Orendael.miller@cortland.edu!

Orendael Miller
Campus Champion
SUNY Cortland