Mad Hops is a new company manufacturing a new product and creating a new category in the beer industry. Practically nobody even knows we exist. That’s a challenge, but we’re up for it. With your help, I know Mad Hops will take over the world, one flavor drop at a time!

I have personally served Mad Hops to tens of thousands of people at festivals over the past year, and I know how excited people get when they first try it. Tall people, skinny people, young people, not-so-young people, men, women – I’ve watched them run to tell their friends and drag them over to our booth to try it for themselves.

The internet and social media give small companies like ours an incredible tool to amplify this word-of-mouth and create a buzz. Every time you Like and Share Mad Hops with your friends and family it really helps us broadcast our message across the universe. We love you and we thank you.

Here are 4 things you can do right now to spread the word. Do at least three of them and then send us an email at and I will send you a coupon code worth 20% off your next purchase of Mad Hops:


1. Share your favorite Mad Hops flavors on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

We recently added some social share buttons to our product pages. Click on them to Share a link to the product on Facebook, Tweet about Mad Hops, or Pin us on Pinterest.

You can customize your message any way you want. It’s a good idea to include our social media handle. We are @gomadhops on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


2. Write a quick review of a Mad Hops product

While you are a product page, take a minute to tell everyone how much you love one of our flavors. For those visitors to our website who have never had a chance to try Mad Hops, it really helps to read what other people are saying about it. Here’s how:


3. Share this blog post with your friends

Like this article or something else you read on our blog? Share it with your network using these buttons at the bottom of any post:



This is a great way to tell your friends about Mad Hops while putting some money in their pockets by giving them a chance to earn 20% off their first purchase. If they buy a Variety 6-Pack, each bottle will cost just $4 – that’s below our wholesale price!


4. Share a Mad Hops social media post

Visit us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram or Twitter. If you are not following us on those platforms already, then you can do so now. Next, please share a post on Facebook, like a post on Instagram, retweet one of our tweets on Twitter, or pin a Pin on Pinterest.

That’s it! We’ve just given you 4 ways to share Mad Hops goodness on 4 social networks. You can share any of our 17 blog posts, share and review all of our 7 products, and retweet, re-post, heart, pin any of our countless social media posts. That’s literally hundreds of opportunities to share. All you need to do is 3 things, send us an email at, and earn your 20% off. What are you waiting for?