1. Mad Hops turns drinking beer into a shared experience

Beer goes better with friends; and drinking beer is a great social activity. In fact, according to the National Geographic, without beer human beings would never have formed advanced societies. Beer is healthier to drink than water, and probably mellowed out your average caveman just enough so he could tolerate living close to those other stinking cavemen.

As civilization advanced, humans built many rituals around beer drinking, like making toasts and clinking their giant mugs. Beer was the hook that kings and warlords used to get people to come to their parties, which often ended with everybody swearing an oath of loyalty and trudging off to war against the neighboring clan.

Beer brings people together, and when people get together beer is a great social lubricant. Even the shyest person starts to share things with the group. That’s where Mad Hops comes in. Adding flavor to your beer is a fun ice-breaker. Experiment with different combinations (Cherry Porter, Lime Pale Ale) and have others try them. It’s an instant party! Just add beer (and friends).

2. You can buy a keg but still offer your guests a variety of beer flavors

Having a keg at your Super Bowl party is a great idea. It’s economical and fun. Everybody likes to hang around the keg, pump it up and watch the suds flow. The only problem is, there’s only one flavor in a barrel. A Variety 6-Pack of Mad Hops turns a keg of even the most boring beer into a taste sensation.

Mad Hops comes in four fruit flavors, as well as Pale Ale and Irish Porter. Its origins go back to ancient times, where the first fermented thing that human beings ever put into their mouths was a very ripe fruit. That’s what tempted our ancestors to leave the safety of the trees. The sweet, sweet buzz they got from a rotting mango was totally worth the risk of being torn apart by a Sabertooth Tiger.

So try a Mad Hops Wild Blueberry or Apple Amber. You have been conditioned to love them. It’s pointless to resist.

3. Mad Hops eliminates the need to buy wine or liquor

The focus of any Super Bowl party should always be on the glorious game we love so much. If one of your guests doesn’t like football, feel free to kick them out. We don’t need anyone who says they’re only there to watch the commercials. When the game is on, chit chat should be kept to a minimum. (Screaming, however, is perfectly acceptable.)

Besides football, the only thing you should be thinking about at a Super Bowl party is food and beer. While wine and liquor might be fine for a tennis and golf party, IMHO beer should be the only thing on tap at a football game.

That said, some people don’t like beer. Most of these nice people are women. With Mad Hops, you don’t need to throw them out. There’s a really good chance that even people who don’t like beer will find a Mad Hops flavor they enjoy. Hurray!

4. Mad Hops spices up your beer pong game

Beer pong is usually an outdoor game, for stadium tailgates or backyard parties in warm climates. If you want to play a Super Bowl edition of this traditional drinking game, consider adding a different flavor of Mad Hops to each of the 6 target cups. Then buy some multi-colored ping pong balls and make up your own interesting rules!

(If you do this, please send us a picture and we will add it to this blog. You’ll be famous!)

5. Mad Hops makes for interesting food pairings

Unlike alcohol (beer only, please!), the party food you serve should include a lot of variety. It should also be plentiful. If you’re not eating leftovers on Thursday, you didn’t make enough.

Choose any dish you want from these major Super Bowl food groups (according to Google):

  • Chicken Wings
  • Guacamole
  • Chili
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Nachos
  • Pizza
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Touchdown Footballs

With so many delicious craft beers around the world, people are really starting to pay attention to what foods go best with what beer flavors. At Mad Hops, we welcome this trend with open arms (and open mouths!). We are working on the definitive guide to food pairings with our Mad Hops flavors, but for now I’ll offer a couple suggestions:

  • Wild Blueberry – Any kind of crab
  • Mexican Lime – Beef tacos
  • Pale Ale – Chicken or duck
  • Irish Porter – Strong cheese
  • Apple Amber – Steak or lamb kebab
  • Cherry Wheat – Cheesecake

Of course everything goes with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Touchdown Footballs…

Finally, a big shoutout to the unsung hero of every Super Bowl – the Designated Driver.

Hope your team wins! Enjoy!