Taking Mad Hops when you go out is great way to not only spice up a boring party but meet new people. It is an instant conversation starter. When someone sees you changing the color of your beer, and they smell the blueberry or the apple or the chocolate and coffee coming from such a small bottle, they can’t help but come up to you and start asking questions (even if they are skeptical, which a lot of people are at first).

I remember one time at a party I was squirting Mad Hops directly into cans of Genesee beer, the local “macro brew” in upstate New York. Just the act of adding something to a beer got a lot of attention. People are used to adding mio to water, but no one has ever tried to flavor their beer. Everybody wondered what kind of chemicals we were using, and their confusion only grew when I explained that Mad Hops was made from natural hops, malt, and bitters, but in a very concentrated form.

When I offered to let them try it, some were skeptical. They didn’t know if they had the right beer for Mad Hops, or if they would like the flavor. But I tell them there really is no wrong beer for Mad Hops, and with six great flavors there is only a slim chance that they wouldn’t find a flavor they liked.

When I think back at how many times I spent the whole night at a party drinking the same exact cheap beer because that’s was the only thing available, it’s embarrassing. With all the great craft beers out there it’s about time we enjoyed some variety during a night out at a party. When you aren’t at a bar with a wide variety of beers to choose from, you can have that same luxury with a couple bottles of Mad Hops in your pocket.

No more plain Bud Light just like everyone else at the party. Be unique, stand out, and have a delicious time doing it.