Are you throwing a party to ring in 2017? Great! Whether it’s an intimate get together or an epic event, a little advance planning will ensure that everyone has a great time and your party goes as planned. First ask yourself: what’s your budget, how many people will attend, and do you have enough room?

Don’t forget the Mad Hops: Our little drops turn anytime into partytime, so imagine what they will do for the biggest party night of the year! Having a keg? Mad Hops turns that boring old keg into a smorgasbord of beer deliciousness. Buy two Variety 6-Packs and save $1 on each. That’s more than enough to flavor a 15.5 gallon keg.

Looking for ideas? Mad Hops put together a bunch of holiday party ideas on our Pinterest page:

Our favorite party theme – The Black Light Bash: Turn your place into a nightclub by swapping out all the regular light bulbs with black lights. Don’t forget to tell your guest to wear white, and buy plenty of glow sticks. Instant rave!

Here’s some more tips:

1-2 Weeks Before: Use a Facebook Event to invite people to your event. It’s easy, free, and you can track whether that special someone has even seen your invitation. Tell your friends it’s BYOB – otherwise you can never have be sure you have enough!

2 Days Before: To avoid any trouble, let your neighbors know you’re having a party—and invite them (if appropriate).

Food: Nobody expects a sit-down meal. Keep it simple. Serve hors d’oeuvres all evening long and have a food station where people can pick at the essentials — meat, cheese, cookies, etc.

At midnight: Cynthia Kienzle, the Clutter Whisperer (yes, there is such a person), suggests using all that left-over Christmas wrapping paper as confetti.

Finally, be safe. When it’s time to go home make sure that all your guests know 1. where they are, 2. where they are going and 3. how they’re going to get there.

Then, have a Happy New Year!

From the Mad Hops Crew