FindyourFlavorConcentrated flavor drops for beer is a new concept. There is currently no category for it in the beer industry. Where do we fit in?

Today there are two distinct segments of the US beer industry: everyday beer and craft beer. Right now the revenue split is 75-25 but craft is growing and taking share. Mad Hops is a bridge between these two segments.

Young people drink everyday beer for two basic reasons: 1. it is a low alcohol, social product and 2. they can’t afford the higher price tag of craft. Adding Mad Hops to an everyday beer gives them the improved flavor they crave at a dramatically lower cost.

Mad Hops is gaining widespread acceptance among young beer consumers who are already accustomed to flavoring their water and other drinks. They take it to parties and events where inexpensive beer is the only option. People are amazed how their beer is transformed.

Our product is 100% natural. Each flavor has beer components (hops, malt and bittering) that elevate and make more robust the base beer before we infuse the main flavor. Our first selection of Mad Hops flavors offer a nice cross section of popular craft beer flavors. Mixing flavors is super fun as you experiment with different flavor combinations (think Cherry Porter or Lime Pale Ale).

With our official product launch in September, we are just hitting the street with our product. We are live and active on e-commerce (, are attending craft beer and other outdoor festivals around western NY and are securing our first retail partners across our area.

Our goal is to make Mad Hops the next big thing in the beer industry. We can’t wait for you to try it!