Hemp & Hops Single-Serve CBD Shots


Add CBD to any drink with our simple, elegant, high tech approach.

30 2mL Shots of Full-Spectrum, USA-grown Hemp CBD per Launch Kit.

Buy 2 or more, save $10/Jar

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Why is Hemp & Hops Different?

  • Our mild hop aroma and bittering fractions mask the off-putting flavor of CBD.
  • Unlike other CBD products, ours blends completely with other liquids and is immediately bioavailable.

Works great in any drink:

  • Beer and Craft Beer
  • All spirit based drinks
  • Red and White Wine
  • Soda, coffee, even water!

Jar includes:

  • 30 2 mL Single-Serve Shots
  • 10 mg of CBD – a 12 hour dose
  • Ask about our signage program

$5 MSRP. Kit generates $150 in added revenue.


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