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Newest Thing in Beer

Launched in Q4 of 2016, Mad Hops is a line of Flavor Drops that instantly transform the flavor, aroma, color, and aftertaste of any macro beer.

Made from genuine beer ingredients like hop oils, bittering, and malts, a squirt of Mad Hops elevates the base flavor of a beer, then adds fruit and other natural flavorings.

Our primary market is budget-conscious beer drinkers who are seeking a more interesting flavor experience.

The product also appeals to:

  • Light beer drinkers who wish there were more flavor options
  • People who don’t like beer but often go to parties where beer’s the only option,
  • Craft beer lovers who sometimes attend events where there are no beers they like.
  • Non-Alcoholic and Gluten-free beer drinkers.

How to flavor beer

One squirt of Mad Hops flavors a 12-oz beer, and each bottle flavors about 18 beers.

A light squirt adds a hint of flavor, a stronger squirt delivers big flavor. You can add flavor to taste and even mix them to create new flavor profiles like Cherry Porter!

Mad Hops turns drinking a few beers into a very social and interactive activity that you can share with friends.

It’s an instant party. Just add beer!

Read a testimonial from a customer who recently tried the product out with a group of his friends at Mr. Nick’s Corner Bar in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Like Variety?

The product launched with six flavors – Pale Ale, Irish Porter, Wild Blueberry, Cherry Wheat, Apple Amber, and Mexican Lime. 

Our most popular? Pale Ale and Irish Porter.

All the varieties use the same ingredients craft brewers use, from the same suppliers. Hops, malts, bitters – the good stuff that macro brews leave out.

Mad Hops adds body to an everyday lager or pilsner, as well as a more complex flavor profile and a bigger, longer lasting head.

We are launching two more flavors in 2017, a Northwest IPA and a Belgian Orange!


Who’s buying Mad Hops?

Our primary market is young beer drinkers on a budget. We provide options to folks at the local gas station, grocery, drugstore – anywhere people are loading up on cheap beer for the weekend.

Our customers are generally not people who buy $15 4-packs. In fact, most of the stores they shop in have very limited beer choices.

We think of Mad Hops as a bridge to craft beer for the 75% of the beer market that is not currently drinking it. Our primary competitors are products like Bud Lite Lime Straw Ber Ita (which currently outsells any craft beer in America, by far).

Mad Hops On The Shelves

You can buy Mad Hops today at over 25 retail locations in Upstate NY.

We are partnering with beer distributors, convenience store distributors and specialty foods distributors to greatly expand our retail footprint nationally, and are actively pursuing additional partnerships.



Product ships with information cards and stickers, coasters and cozies.

Mad Hops will conduct in-store tastings for customers and training for store employees to encourage add-on sales.


Mad Hops On The Road

Because it helps to get potential customers to “try before you buy”, we launched the product last year with an ambitious event marketing strategy.

We are expanding throughout the Northeast, attending events within driving distance from our base in Western New York, doing shows from Maine to Michigan to DC.

Shows with local media tie-ins are a priority; that helps get the word out about our product and supports our retail partners in the area.

View our calendar of upcoming events.

grabbing attention

Mad Hops is working to grow brand awareness while meeting the challenge of “category awareness” – finding ways to let people know that yes, you can flavor your beer.

Mad Hops is news, and we are pursuing earned media opportunities with print publications, television and radio, bloggers and other online influencers.

Links to some of our media mentions can be found our news page.

Mad Hops Back Story

Founder Peter Hanley started growing hops in the Finger Lakes region of New York to support the exploding craft beer industry.

He noticed his daughters couldn’t afford to buy the craft beer they wanted, but were happily flavoring their water, coffee, vodka….

Voila! The idea for Mad Hops was born.

Peter started working up recipes on his kitchen stove, then partnered with some of the biggest names in the brewing industry to create our revolutionary new product.

Read about his journey on our blog.

Contact us

Please direct media inquiries to:

Peter Hanley
(585) 201-2099

Mad Hops LLC
7003 County Road #12
Naples, NY 14512

Send us your mailing address and we’ll send samples so can try Mad Hops for yourself.